DIY Pore Strips

Love the tingling and clean feeling pore strips leave you with, but hate the money spent buying them? I know I do! That’s why, when my niece suggested we try this DIY pore strip recipe I was 100% up for it (!

We doubled the recipe thinking that would be necessary for the two of us, it was more than enough and there is now at least another round leftover in the fridge waiting for us.

What you will need: 1 tsp unflavored gelatin and 1 tsp milk. That’s it!!

What you do: Mix the gelatin and milk in a microwave safe ramekin, it should look really dry and lumpy. Then place the ramekin in the microwave for 10 seconds. It should have a gooey texture to it. Using our fingers, we applied the mixture to our “T” Zones and left on until it was completely dry. It’s amazing how tight it quickly becomes! Once completely dry, peel off! What you’re left with is ultra smooth and tingly skin.














My cupkeiki thought we looked like monsters when we started peeling off the mask. It feels strange when putting it on, really gooey and thick. Peeling it off was, just as painful as those strips you buy at the store! However, the feeling your skin is left with afterward is truly wonderful!! Give it try, and have fun with it!


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