CSA Saturday? More like Tomato Saturday


Today started off rocky. My cupkeiki, unexpectedly (though isn’t it usually) threw up. She was fine afterward, but I of course, was digging through the quick symptom checker to figure out the cause…and couldn’t come up with anything, hhmmmm. Nonetheless, once going to the farmers market was mentioned my cupkeiki was ready to run out the door!

This week should be named, tomato week! They have taken over the fruit bowl, and I’m just fine with that! Along with all the beautiful tomatoes, we got: peaches, dinosaur kale, carrots, peppers, squash, green and magic beans, cabbage, cucumber and Thai basil. Everything smells so delicious right now, it’s causing my head to spin in food wonderland!






My cupkeiki loves to hold the carrots. As soon as she saw them going into the market bag she was asking for them. She held them the whole way home calling them babies. How children can be so disgustingly adorable is beyond me!!! Cheers to a great Saturday and an awesome weekend! I’m hoping we can get down to The New West Fest today and listen to some great local music, and Ben Harper this evening!


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