My Creative Niece


My niece, last night, came to me saying she wanted to make crayon art. This has been a project I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t committed myself to just yet. It all came together pretty easily and looks awesome.

How she did it (since I provided some of the materials used, I get to post the project!):
She had crayons she no longer used and spent most of her time on the project taking off the paper wrappers, then:
~glue crayons to canvas with hot glue, running glue the length of the crayon
~place stickers, if using
~prop canvas up and have a cardboard placemat (or some sort of protector) underneath canvas for running wax
~using medium heat setting on blow dryer melt crayons, covering stickers if using, running blow dryer across the crayons.
~once canvas is coated, use exacto knife to score around sticker edges and remove stickers.
* here’s where we were a bit
disappointed, some of the wax
bled under the stickers but,
~using a little white acrylic paint, touch up where letters were, if you want of course!
That’s it!







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