Puttanesca alla Rigatoni


My sister-in-law and I have agreed to a challenge, use up food stuff from the pantry that is either odd or has been sitting for some time. Yesterday, (although she wasn’t home to try it) I hit it off with Puttanesca, something I’ve never made or had but have always been curious about. I really enjoyed making it, and everyone seemed to think that it tasted pretty good, but could have been a bit more spicy! I Added a loaf of french bread and a vegetable side to round it out. 


1 28oz. can Crushed Tomatos with Basil (I used Muir brand)

2 tins of olive oil packed Anchovies

1/2 cup diced Kalamata, Greek and Queen olives

Half a lemon

1/4 Onion, diced

2 large cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbs. Red Pepper Flakes

1/2 C. olive oil

Fresh Basil and Parmesan for topping

1/2 bag of Bionature Organic Rigatoni

What I did:

Heated, to boil, a large pot of water with oil and salt, for pasta

Poured olive oil into large cast iron skillet, heated to medium and added onions. Cooked those until soft, added the garlic. Then added the can of tomatoes and red pepper flakes. Let that simmer for roughly 5 minutes. Add pasta to boiling water, cook as directed. Add anchovies, olives and squeeze the lemon juice into tomato sauce. Let simmer on low heat while pasta cooks. When pasta is done, and drained, add the Puttanesca to the pasta and combine. Serve with fresh basil, slightly torn, and parmesan on top.


I also, as you can see in the picture, did a side of yellow squash and eggplant. I used 4 small squash and 1 Italian eggplant. I sliced all of them lenghtwise, and lightly oiled them with olive oil, added salt and pepper and about a tablespoon of fresh, chopped, oregano. I sauteed them in a skillet until just soft, leaving a bit of crunch in the squash. I started them at the same time I added the tomatoes to the skillet for the Puttanesca. I topped the squash with Parmesan. 


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