I. Heart. The Waffle Lab.

My favorite place to go during the summer is, The Waffle Lab. This delicious food truck vendor started up last year (?) and oh Lordy Lordy am I in love with it!! Today we rode our bikes down to New Belgium Brewery, where they are usually parked a few days of the week, grabbed a cold taster of the Lips of Faith series, Plout (which was a heavenly- fruity-10% alcohol content-perfect for a hot summer day-in yo face awesomeness-Belgium style brew) and ordered a new menu item, the Voodoo Monkey. Bananas, raspberries, peanut butter and chocolate…talk about voodoo! I’m already looking forward to the next visit with these tasty liege waffle creations!! If you haven’t tried them I encourage you to get on your bike and go (trust me, you want to bike, it comes in handy for the either: leisurely ride home or calorie burner!)!!


got to love a clever tip jar!


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