My 5 Truths


I usually reflect on these “truths” daily, it reminds me that life is good and I love who I am and my little family! It’s also a reminder to always try and be the best me that I can be for my cupkeiki!

1. My heart is filled with love, that I love sharing, with the two people I love more than anyone else is this world. Without them who knows what my life would be like, and honestly it’s not something I want to think about!

2. Everything washes, and if it doesn’t, who cares! Life is about being happy and learning. If my keiki wants to paint her body, wants to wash her hair in the mud, draw on her clothes, take her dolls for dips in the puddles or color the floors and walls (though maybe not the most appropriate places), it washes, or cleans up in some way.

3. Music should be fun. I can’t stand certain types of music and actually despise having to listen to certain types that I have no ability to limit or omit from my keiki’s little ears, say violent and negative music. That being said, when her and I get the chance to be in our own space where we know no one else is being bothered by us or our music we turn up the tunes and dance like two major goofballs. I love watching her discover the beats, try to sing along and make her own interpretive dances to what she hears. Hence the reasons I want decent music being played.

4. Every request, even at 3:00 in the morning matters. Kids are people too, and their needs or wants should be heard and treated fairly. I can’t expect my keiki to do for me the requests I make if I won’t take hers into consideration too.

5. I have to be careful how I respond to others actions and words and know when people are influencing her positively or negatively. I have to approach situations calmly and confidently. I have to respect myself in front of her. I have to show her how I show my care and love for her father, our friends and our family. It’s easy to forget, for some I suppose, that people have to live together-whether it’s in a house, a community, a state or the world- and that happy, healthy environments begin with having respect for people. I know that although it isn’t always obvious there are times when she is frustrated by others actions or choices, and I hope that it helps her learn, eventually, just how powerful our actions are in this world.


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