Stop the shame!!

Whether you’re a nursing mother now, or have been, I’m sure there was some point at which your actions were questioned. I know mine have been, and to those people I say, {expletive} off. I do, why? Because, I believe breastfeeding a baby is the best thing any mother can do at the start of their child’s life. Women shouldn’t feel ashamed, shouldn’t be questioned and SHOULDN’T be made to stay at home or sit in a public bathroom to nurse or encouraged to use formulas when the best thing for both is already provided for.

I would go out fighting before I was told I need to sit in a gross restroom to feed my baby. If you believe women should do that, perhaps you’d like to eat your meal in one too! Sound gross right? Babies are people too!!

I support nursing mothers, and this is a debate that gets me fired up!

Watch this video, put an end to making nursing mothers feel ashamed for doing the most natural and healthy thing they can for their child/children.


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