Watercolor Painting/Exploring the fantastic World of Mess



My cupkeiki decided that a blank canvas wasn’t enough for her artistic expression and took to her toes and face. I love how she decided to paint herself up, she looks fantastic!

We dropped a few chickens off at the butchers this morning, when we went back this afternoon to pick them up the butcher also admired her “war paint” and pointed out that he too had war paint, just a different kind. She didn’t get it, but I thought it was funny. We also praised (if thats the right word for the expression here) each other on raising kids who get dirty and explore their world, whether it’s mud, paint, grease or anything else they can get their hands into! I couldn’t imagine always being told “no” when it comes to figuring things out or exploring and wouldn’t want my cupkeiki to miss out on that opportunity either.


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