Play Jewelry


our rings, side by side!
One thing I’ve come to realize is that children’s toys are not only expensive but easily lost. One thing I’ve come to really appreciate is making toys or having lots of DIY crafts for my cupkeiki and I to do that are simple and cheap!

The last couple of days my cupkeiki has been wanting to play with my jewelry, especially a ring that I wear all the time as her father gave it to me on our 7th year of dating! Problem is, I really like it and don’t want to lose it. My solution, DIY bling.

I’m putting these together while my cupkeiki naps, since there are some small parts involved, and I know how quickly little things can disappear!

Thin elastic, whatever color
Matching thread, or not.
Buttons, preferably ones with a slight depression on the top.
Sequins that can fit into the depression on top of the button
Super glue

What I did:
Quick stitched, by hand, the ends of the elastic, overlapping a little. Sewed the button to the elastic, above where I stitched the ends. Super glued the sequins on to the button. Presto, insta-bling!

They are cute enough I may make matching button bracelets and a few for myself! Have fun! The, perhaps best part for me, is that if it doesn’t last it’s no big deal, another can always be made! Let me know how yours turn out, if you try it!





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