CSA Saturday!


Today we picked up a bountiful lot of veggies from our CSA with Revive Gardens! I’m talking a giant head of lettuce, dark romaine lettuce, beets, snap peas, wild arugula, carrots, and kale!! I’m pretty excited about all the deliciousness going on! My cupkeiki gobbled up snap peas as we walked through the market, I thought there may be none left by the time we got home! I’ve also decided to challenge myself this week! I never know what to do with carrot greens, usually they get cut and discarded, but this week they are going to take a part in a meal! So look out for that, also I have a great recipe for rib eye steaks I’m dying to share with everyone, I promise your inner animals will howl with delight!

I guess I’ve got to give a little shout out to Mother Nature! Last night we had a pretty awesome thunderstorm here in Fort Collins and got some much needed moisture!! It was fun watching my cupkeiki shriek every time the lightning lit up the sky and then listen to the thunder afterward. “I hear it, I hear it!” she would tell me.

Have a great Saturday everyone!




2 thoughts on “CSA Saturday!

    1. Usually I sautée them a little in olive oil, salt and pepper and add a little fresh lemon at the end. The folks at Revive Gardens suggested the same except using balsamic vinegar in place of the lemon.

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