I Got This…

So today has been exciting, full of tension and hopeful all in one. Why? We (my kolohe [rascal] and I) are weaning completely. This is a big deal. I knew I wanted to be done by the time she was two. Now that I’m two months away from that, we begin the process. Today hasn’t been to bad. My keiki didn’t nurse at all today, well since 7:00 this morning. She certainly begged, cried and tried her hardest to nurse but I stuck to my guns and here we are after nearly 15hours, nurse free. It’s a little bittersweet, like the end of our great bonding time, but I know something will take its place. It’s a good thing and I think we are both ready for it, so here’s to the next few days/week. I’m hoping this transition goes smoothly!


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