Loving Moments

She snuggles up close, and makes a little sigh with each yawn. I ask her if she dreamed while she rubs her eyes and bobbles her head back and forth. Her only answer is “nurse”. I sigh a little too. While I enjoy this moment of us-ness, this moment of bonding in the quiet, cool air of the morning I know it won’t last. Soon there will be a diaper to change. Soon I will be in desperate need of morning tea. Then we will eat and observe the curious nature of the sun on the floor, poke at the sleeping cat until he moves and then chase the one eyed dog across the house. That’s when it all changes, maybe sooner than that. Maybe it happens once we pull back the covers, maybe it happens once she says, “dad work?” and raises her questioning hands in the air. Whenever it happens doesn’t really matter. What truly matters are those first few moments where nothing but love happens.


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