Mama splurges…

I don’t really do makeup. I think girls/women who use it tastefully look gorgeous and I admire them for it, but I’ve never felt comfortable in it. Actually, as a teen I got made fun of a lot for my complexion and I tried wearing makeup but it didn’t seem to help my looks or self-esteem so I stopped using it. Recently however, I’ve been feeling like sometimes it’s nice to have just a little something to spruce up the look. So I “splurged”. I say splurged because to buy makeup seems silly and unnecessary to me but I did it anyway, spending a whole $6.00 on some mascara. I love it! It makes me feel more dressed up, and it wears really well which is important to me, because if it feels heavy, clumps or smears and looks cheap I’m not going to use it.


It’s funny what a little mascara can do for a girl sometimes…I felt like a whole other person just by doing up my eyelashes

I decided yesterday to pick up a new nail color as well. I love nail color and feel like it’s a great accessory for all occasions. I’ve always wanted a mint color and when I saw it on the end shelf at Target I couldn’t resist. Bad mama.

So here they are, my two current favorite beauty essentials:


Reviva HypoAllergenic Mascara in Black (picked up from The Vitamin Cottage) and Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear nail color in Mint Sorbet (picked up at Target)


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