Gearing up for a new CSA Season

Last year was my introduction to the growing world of CSA, and it was fun! Our house had a share with Grant Family Farms, which went bankrupt at the end of the season, and thus ended our CSA with them. My sister-in-law and I attended the Fort Collins CSA Fair, back in…March??… and spent a good three hours combing through brochures and talking with farmers. It was an interesting experience. Meeting farmers made us want to buy shares and support them all, but obviously that isn’t possible, or feasible. So we narrowed down our brochures to three, checked out each farmers website, and discussed possible pros and cons, likes and dislikes and so forth. It was, to say the least, a difficult process. We ended up choosing Revive Gardens, based in Fort Collins: for our veggie share.

Why? There was something, I felt at least, inspiring about Eli Hodapp and his mission and passion with his farm. Also, the closeness of the pickup location (Old Town Farmer’s Market) was convenient; considering that I will most likely be doing most of the pickups and I’m a mama with a keiki, bike and trailer when summer rolls around. Certainly, I’m not saying that the other farmers weren’t inspiring and promising themselves, all were which is why the choice was a hard one. Grant Family Farms CSA also included a fruit share option, with fruits from the West Slope. This is something that not many other farms have as an option. Since we really enjoyed our fruit share we wanted to make sure to get another one. We met one farm offering a fruit share, Ela Family Farms:

They team up with a few other farms or you can purchase just through them.  Nonetheless, we are excited to be part of this new season of CSA and these farms! I’m really looking forward to sharing my adventures and recipes too!


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