Handling Food Poisoning Like A Boss??

On Sunday, I unfortunately got food poisoning. There is no way to describe the menacing pain besides: ready to die. If you’ve had it, you know what I’m talking about, the stomach pain, fever and chills, vomiting, diarrhea. If not…well I hope you never have to experience it. The one thing I’m glad to report on is that my cupkeiki didn’t get it. We shared a plate of food, just not everything on it luckily!!

Back to the handling it like a boss…

I realized quickly, while spending a great deal of time with my head in the toilet and my cupkeiki standing next to me-watching curiously, that I wasn’t going to get a break from my little one while I battled the symptoms on Monday or today. It wasn’t going to happen. So I needed a plan. Thankfully, my cupkeiki seemed to be somewhat on the same page as I was on the laying low idea, literally. The day played out well for her, lots of snuggling (unless I was running for the bathroom) and a Shaun the Sheep marathon (if you haven’t seen this clay-mation you should probably check it out, it’s rather clever and funny). I also prepped a good amount of stomach filling snacks for her including apples and cheese and crackers and a few Plum Organics baby food pouches (and a few bites of chocolate for being good) that way I could basically stay in bed, or on the floor next to the heater, and sleep.

For myself, it’s been nonstop Gatorade. I found a while back that Pedialyte makes single serve electrolyte packets, which have turned out more helpful for me than her. I attempted food today. It has not gone well. At least my fever has broken. There is nothing worse than battling a fever and full body aches with a toddler who isn’t. You still, no matter how much you think you are both “on the same page”, get the occasional kicks to the stomach and your body used as a climbing mechanism.

So, in my own opinion, I’ve handled it, like a boss. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so bad.


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