A few of those weeks…

The last two weeks were a little bit crazy. We had people coming and going and lots of fixer-upper work to do that went late into the evenings. That amounted to a whole lot of eating out. Its come to the point that if I even think about fast food I’m disgusted and feel the need to forgo food for the day. Sounds like a bit much, but it’s the truth.

All this eating out has actually got me thinking about just how much food affects my overall disposition. I’m tired, hungry for sweets and yet craving something so healthy I can’t even decide what to make because it seems like to much work. That’s a little frustrating. Yesterday my cupkeiki and I went out for groceries, at the Vitamin Cottage. I was so hungry walking through the store it was driving me crazy. Problem was, I knew it was going to be a while before I got home to make lunch. What to do, where to go to get food…I didn’t want to go get food. I wanted something satisfying and nutritional. I stopped by the cold food case, where there is this delicious yogurt dill and artichoke dip and there in front of me were dozens of fresh packaged spring rolls…oh how my mouth watered. Quickly I grabbed one and made a dash for the checkout line. I got my cupkeiki buckled into the car and without hesitation (I’m not a fan of eating in the car-I get car sick easily) opened the package and devoured the rolls. They were amazing, delicious and just what I needed. I actually felt better, fuller, and satisfied. 

I’m looking forward to getting back on track this week. Last night I made a ham soup full of vegetables and served it with a little brown rice. Tonight will be yet another vegetable filled meal.


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