The “why didn’t I…” days

As I mentioned in my previous post, my cupkeiki spent last weekend down and out. Monday came with no change. Yesterday morning started off the same, and I decided it was time to call the doctor. We got an appointment right away; although I wasn’t feeling that our situation was emergent, the nurse thought it would be best to just bring her in and not wait. Good thing I guess, because it turned out my cupkeiki needed more meds than I anticipated. She spent all day sleeping, not wanting to eat, drink or be my lil kolohe (rascal), as I like to call her. That’s when the “why didn’t I…” began. Why didn’t I just call the doctor sooner, why didn’t I decide that this wasn’t some simple bug that would work itself out…the list went on and on in my head all day. I called my mom late in the afternoon, who reassured my that all mothers feel this way when their kids are sick, at least “the one’s who care” do. It eased my mind, a little. Then I went on to worrying about the rest of the week…what if the meds don’t work? What if she just gets worse? What if something new presents itself?….Time to just put trust in the will of a person’s body/immune system and a doctors medical advice.

We’ve got a follow up Friday afternoon, until then I’m hoping that the meds will work their magic and the doctor will give us a thumbs up, otherwise there was talk of possible hospitalization, which scares me.  As I type my cupkeiki is rolling out of bed with her messy hair, sleepy eyes and toddling over to me and my only thought is, how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little girl in my life.

Hopefully, today is better than yesterday.


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