Isn’t it funny…


When I moved from Colorado, 8 years ago, I spent a good year only thinking about it. Thinking about family, friends (that I knew I would never see or talk to again) and how strange Hawaii was and if I was going to make it. Then after a year, I started to call Hawaii my home. I settled in, let it take over me, full force. I started seeing myself- always being there, in that element, in that mind space, in that heart. Then, after my cupkeiki was born, we started wondering if it wouldn’t be better to expose her to our family. To move back to Colorado. Hawaii would always be there I thought, always be in my heart. Now I’m here, in Colorado, 8 months later and I’m missing it. I’m starving for sunshine, for salty air, for sandy toes for dense jungles and weeks of rain. I’m wishing I could watch my cupkeiki playing in the sand and water and learning the lifestyle too.

Isn’t it funny…

Ā Image




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