Lambs and Music

Last weekend my cupkeiki and I made a trip out to my grandparents for an afternoon. My aunts came out, we had an early dinner and enjoyed catching up and spending time together. One of the highlights of the day were the lambs. Last year we attempted to get the babies together, that is lambs and my, at the time, 3 month old. It didn’t go well, there were lots of tears:

This year, there was pure excitement. My cupkeiki couldn’t wait to get in the pen, she was pointing, and giggling and thrilled by the excitement. I think my grandparents were thrilled too, as they raise sheep and have been doing so since my father was little. It was also a little sad because my grandparents mentioned not raising sheep anymore, given the cost of hay and feed and the work that has to be done and the toll that it can take. I’ve mentioned that I’ve moved back to CO from Hawaii, so to me CO time sort of stopped when I left, and now I’m catching up and coming to several realizations about just where the time has gone, and how so much has changed in the last 8 years.

Trying to separate mama and baby



The cuteness



Happy faces!



Once we had had enough of the cold, and lambs, we went inside and checked out all of grandmas instruments. I loved this picture of my grandma playing her guitar and my cupkeiki watching intently!




And here is the pair of them, in a rocking chair that my grandma has had since she was a little girl. I remember sitting in it as a little girl as well!


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