Jamie Oliver’s Meatballs and Pasta

Usually, at dinner time I try to be creative with my food. I might glance at a few recipes for inspiration and then take off on my own culinary course. Last night I decided to follow a recipe that turned out to be a winner in everyone’s book. I decided to go out on a limb and make something I have always been intimidated by, meatballs. I guess I’m always afraid that my, oh lord I’m about to write this, balls will stick to the pan (I don’t know about those of you reading this but I’m cracking up over that sentence). Seriously though, I’m afraid I’ll end up with a mess every time I consider making them. But last night everything worked out perfectly! Hooray for happy meatballs! Everything came together really easy and I served bread on the side. I’m confident that I could do this again and have the same turnout, so thanks to Jaime Oliver for the no-fail recipe! Even my cupkeiki chowed down, and getting her to eat meat is tricky!

Check out the link to the recipe, and go and enjoy yourself some tasty meatballs!


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