My rant and rave…Soap Nuts and Cloth Diapers

I love using cloth diapers! I think it’s a wonderful way to diaper any child. Free of crazy chemicals, less money being spent on buying boxes of diapers, plus what little bum doesn’t look cute in a cloth diaper?! Seriously, they are adorable! That being said, I hate…HATE trying to find a reasonably priced detergent that solves all my diaper dilemmas! I haven’t been persuaded to buy into the “special diaper” detergent where you spend quite a bit for a small bottle because it says it’s better for your cupkeiki’s bum. Generally I use an Eco-Friendly liquid and occasionally a little oxygen bleach powder. One thing I cannot stand is diaper smell. I loath the “clean but still funky” residual smell I sometimes get. This often leads to an ever long diaper stripping adventure, which I’m also not too fond of. For Christmas however, my cupkeiki got a new soap I hadn’t heard of called, Soap Nuts (bot. name: Sapindus Mukorossi) from her grandma. She said the store clerk said they were great for cloth diapers. I was, honestly, a little unsure about them, I mean they are nuts from a tree, but after my first wash I’m excited by them! My cupkeiki’s diapers are soft, clean, and thankfully, “clean but funky smelling” free. It might seem out of place to share that bit about funky clean diapers, but hey, I’m no cloth diaper expert and I am often faced with the, “why is this occurring?” questions! So three cheers to soap nuts! I’m looking forward to more washes to see how they stand up over time! I encourage anyone out there with babies/small children (or anyone regardless of children) who are looking for an alternative/natural  laundry soap to check them out!

Here’s a link to the brand we were given ( there are several companies who sell them if you want to shop around):


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