DIY Felted Wool Ugly Critters!


FINALLY!! The holiday’s are over, and I can once again sit down and write! Oh the joy. Part of my DIY Christmas gifts this year included these cute little ugly critters. My cousin and I did all the felting ourselves. It was a pretty simple process that involved multiple hot washes and hot drying before the sweaters were ‘just right’! The hard part, for us, was convincing ourselves to make that first cut into a decent looking, although incredibly small, sweater. But, after that first snip we were on our way to whip stitching, critter mayhem. It sort of became a non-stop critter-thon and we wound up making about 10, we gave four away and had a very hard time parting with all of them! This project has become one of my favorites and I’m a “little” excited to find more wool sweaters! The great part about this project was that, there was no right or wrong cut! In fact we decided that the more imperfect they were, the more perfect they became! That is certainly my kind of project!


Our first batch


We gave away four and replaced them with four new ones


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