Upcycled, Re-purposed Mod Art


I knew it wouldn’t be long before my next art project came to be. Yesterday, while my cupkeiki took an impressive 2 1/2hr nap, I painted. I’ve found that lately I desire art that can be done in one sitting. I keep getting reminded that art can take days, weeks, months…years. Not for this mama! I want to see it happen all at once, probably because I’m afraid if I start a project and it becomes more than a one day sort of deal, it will never get done. The great thing about yesterday’s project was that it was co-created. I finished my painting of Mod Poppies under a, what has been described as Norwegian Winter Sun by the man folk (??), just as the babe was waking. Once she realized what was happening she became quite excited. I handed her a dry brush and she mimicked the way to paint. It was cute, and fun to watch her enthusiasm as she excitedly chatted away. Then she started putting these paper butterflies we collected at City Park one day after a wedding, on the canvas. She would point at a spot and then put a butterfly down. And so the idea of turning my painting into a mixed media, upcycled and re-purposed work of art was created!

Canvas ready for a new adventure!


I painted a yellow circle and then grey around it…


Once the first coat was dry I lightened the yellow quite a bit and repainted the circle/sun. I also added white to the grey and made a light circle around the sun.


I re-darkened the grey so that it was darker than my background and started adding poppy stems here and there. I chose a portrait pink divided into half, one half I added magenta, the other bright orange, and painted my poppies.


Once the flowers were dry (it took two coats to make it the brightness I wanted) I added, using the same color as the stems, stamens.


My cupkeiki added butterflies before the stamens were painted on.


I Mod Podged half of the butterflies bodies onto the canvas


Then coated the entire surface of the canvas with Mod Podge! Ta-da!!


It feels good to paint, and to have my cupkeiki be just as interested in, and a part of, it!


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