Re-purposing Newspaper, making art!


I’ve been waiting, err…anticipating, the opportunity to buy some Mod Podge. I’ve always considered it a necessity for those with crafty minds, but could never actually find a reason to purchase it myself. I had never undertook a project that I thought it would work perfectly for…until a few days ago!! While out on a little window shopping spree the other night I passed by some clever artwork using newspaper and canvas. My cousin, who was with me, loved the art and I gingerly said, “I know how to do that.” To which she said, “maybe you should make me one then!” Challenge accepted, and thus the need to buy a bottle Mod Podge was created!! Hooray!

Want to do it yourself??!! Here’s my approach!

1. Paint a canvas

2. Cut out desired shapes from newspaper

3.Spread Mod Podge on canvas with foam brush

4. Arrange shapes on canvas and be sure to flatten newspaper completely  you don’t want bubbles or gaps between paper and canvas. I added the yellow dots around the newspaper shapes at this time.

4. Allow Mod Podge and any added paint to set up for 15-20 minutes and then apply a second coat over canvas and paper. 

That’s IT!




Now that I have this glorious bottle of Mod Podge I’m sure more art will be made, and hopefully some more projects to use it on!



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