An Amazing Spaghetti Squash Night


Since arriving to Ft. Collins, and getting involved in the big world of CSA I’ve learned to prepare all sorts of vegetables I never thought I would eat. That’s the brilliant thing about CSA’s I guess, you don’t get to choose, you just get to use! Which I don’t mind. So last week we got Spaghetti Squash, and my first thought was, “huh…” After preparing everything and sitting down to a full house of hungry mouths last night, I was a little nervous. I wanted it to be good, I would have been happy with good. What I got was Amazing! Everyone loved the flavors, in fact they were all surprised by it, no one seemed to expect that it would taste the way it did. I of course hesitated the whole way through the preparation of it and didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Lesson learned!

I decided on going with Epicurious for a little inspiration on what to do with it:

With a few of my own, of course, additions/alterations: Cinnamon added to the brown sugar and butter on the squash and apple cider vinegar instead of juice in the glaze (I liked the tangy flavor it gave).

To accompany the dish I shredded a head of Napa Cabbage, and added grated ginger, sesame seeds and red pepper flakes, and made a dressing of rice vinegar, sugar, chili oil and sesame oil (all to taste, no measurements!)


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