Make something WILD!

So, I won’t lie…I’m a little addicted to Pinterest. I don’t know what it is about it that captivates me but thankfully, I’m not alone in this addiction (that’s right ladies (and some gentlemen) you know I’m talking about you, probably).

Anyway, I get a lot of craft inspiration from there, like this fun mama-time one:

It’s supposed to be an “Anthropologie”-esque flower, but it also reminds me of a sea urchin.


It’s so easy to make! I picked up a package of Styrofoam balls and Q-Tips with colored sticks and I had on hand, from bubble painting, some neon food coloring! Woohoo for fun craft time! I cut the Q-Tips in half, and started poking them into the ball one at a time, pretty close to each other. Don’t ask for a count on the Q-Tips, I didn’t pay attention to that, I just put as many as I wanted in. Then, and this is where I maybe would make a change, I put 15 drops of food coloring into a bowl with about a 1/4 cup of water and rolled the “flower” around, getting as much of the cotton covered as I could. I think it would have been easier to dye the Q-Tips first, let them dry and then make the flower.

I only did half the ball, I thought it looked better than covering the whole thing. Once the food coloring was dry I used bamboo skewers as the “stems” and put them in a vase. Fun, easy, and cute!


They have managed, after a week, to keep their brightness, no editing done to the photos!!




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