Making a super-girl costume

I’ve never been into Halloween, it’s never been a holiday I look forward to. That said, now I have a daughter, who for all I know may end up loving it, so I’ve had to get in the spirit of it for her.  For weeks leading up to today I went back and forth about what to make; will she be a ghost, how about a cowgirl…she had to be something. Not just anything though, her costume had to be, HAD TO BE, homemade. A little crazy right?! But truth be told, I like making costumes, especially one’s that involve tulle, sequins, elastic and fun colors. So last Sunday I looked on-line and discovered that Hobby Lobby was having my sort of sale: Tulle, Ribbon, Elastic….eeeekkkkk!!!!

This is probably what my “excited by tulle” face looks like, or what you could go ahead and imagine it to look like!


Right, there is the squeal that happens… every time.

So I loaded up my soon to be costumed wonder and got to Hobby Lobby just as they opened. Seriously, I was one of the first in there, bright eyed and bushy tailed, B-lining for the tulle. That’s when the idea for a super-hero/girl hit me. Right in front of the neon green tulle. I quickly picked out bright blue, purple, yellow and pink rolls of tulle to go with the green, grabbed some frilled pink, blue and bright green elastic, a 1/2 yard of some exceptionally shiny blue light weight fabric, some bright colored pink sequins and black and pink felt along with a crochet head band and off I went like a mad woman possessed by the DIY monster…oh the lame factor there.

I worked all day on it, enjoying every moment, knowing that this costume was going to rock; it had no other choice. And, well if I do say so myself, it did…TOTALLY!!! This was so easy to put together (really it was) and this morning as we walked around Old Town for the Tiny Tot Halloween I got so many compliments, and amazed looks when other mama’s found out this was all homemade! Nothing beats hearing your stuff looks professional!! And my cupkeiki enjoyed playing in it! A great Halloween indeed, and maybe I’ve decided Halloween isn’t so bad after all.

My super-girl!



She’ll climb the tallest mountain!


Somewhere there is a dog who needs this ball!


Striking a pose…too busy to smile, serious stuff is going on in her super-hero mind!!


Come this way, if you want to live…or where’s the party?!…


I’m just glad I had the opportunity to make a unique and fun costume for my cupkeiki, and have her enjoy it as much as I do! Have a great and safe night everyone!!


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