Bubble Painting

I saw, on Pinterest, a creative craft for bubbles. Simple in it’s ingredients: Bubbles and food coloring. I thought, why not! So I invited my grandma over, because she loves making and playing with bubbles and we got crafty.


First, we just played around with all the different bubble wands grandma brought with her.


This one was a favorite of my cupkeikis.

Then we mixed up some Neon Food Coloring with our bubble mixture and got to work creating a masterpiece.



We tried various sized bubble makers to make it interesting. In the end we got a fun piece of art!


My cupkeiki also had a blast swishing in the bubbles!



However, we did not go with pre-made bubble mix. We made our own, using Dawn dish soap, glycerin, water and added food coloring. In our attempts to make brighter, firmer bubbles we altered our recipe heavily and eventually lost track of measurements. I would look online for a recipe or just buy the pre-made solution. It was a fun project and a neat way to add bright art to any room.


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