It’s a Crazy Ride

I knew becoming a mama was going to be both rewarding and challenging. I certainly hadn’t thought everyday was going to be full of unicorns, rainbows and smiles. I recognized there would struggles, days where nothing makes any sense and that if I let that get to me I’d be in trouble. That’s sort of how last week went. I started spiraling into a feeling of not being able to manage or deal with just how intense it is to do this, 24/7. It’s so easy to decide everything is chaotic. It’s also easy to stop, take a second and reflect. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and I also do some pretty great things. I have an amazing daughter who is my reason for attempting to make most everything better, including myself. So bring on the crazy, emotional and sometimes confusing days, I’ve got an amazing little girl who snaps me out of it and makes me smile, fall in love and want to improve everyday.


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