My “Made me a Believer” Turkey Pot Pie

Last night was one of those, “what to cook…” nights. I had tons of veggies in the fridge, Thursday’s CSA pick up rapidly approaching and no inspiration on what to make. That was until I started thinking about fall and what I love about it. That got me thinking about fall comfort food and pot pie quickly came into mind.

This picture will do the taste no justice, but here it is anyway…Image

So here it is:


1 pie shell and 1 roll out pie crust for topping

Half an onion, diced

Half a zuchinni, cut into quarters

1/2 Cup (approx.) frozen peas

2 carrots, quartered

3 Tbs butter

1 Cup chicken stock

1/2 Cup heavy cream

1 heaping Tbs flour

A handful of fresh parsley, chopped

Salt and pepper

1 Cup chopped Turkey meat (breast, or other white meat)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in a sauce pan on med-low, add flour and stir frequently for about 10 min, to get rid of flour taste and make a nice roux. In a small pan or skillet, cook onion and carrot until the carrots just start getting tender, about 10 minutes, while making the roux. Add stock slowly to the roux, keeping the mixture thick. Next, add the cream, slowly as well, and maintain the soups thickness, this is key (if it gets to thin, whisk in a little more flour)! Next add the vegetables, turkey, parsley, salt and pepper, the last three add to your own taste/liking. Bake the pie shell for 5 minutes before adding soup mix. Take pie shell out of oven, pour soup into shell, top with rolled out crust, pinch sides and make vent slits on the top for air to escape. Bake for 30 minutes, and broil for the last couple minutes to get a crispy top!

I got a great compliment on it from my brother in law, who said he hated pot pies because of the cheap t.v. dinner types that ruined it for him when he was younger. But this pot pie, he said, made him a believer in them again!! Yea for great food!

Hopefully, this recipe turns out fabulously for you if you try it. I’m horrible about being able to write down how I make things, considering most the time I’m just making it up as I go along!


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