Waking up to…Stripping!!

Hey now, get your minds out of the gutter! I’m talking about diaper stripping!

I love cloth diapers! I love all the money I’m saving! I love not throwing diaper after diaper away knowing it will sit in a landfill for 14+years before it begins to break down.  I love the look of my cupkeiki’s bum in a brightly colored and extra padded diaper. I don’t love stinky diapers right out of the wash, and I absolutely loath stripping them, but it has to be done; and with the appearance of yet another painful looking rash on top of clean diaper stink, I’m in a full on strip mode!

My stripping method this round: Boil water, put CLEAN diapers in a clean sink. Dump boiling water onto diapers with a tablespoon of dish soap (I don’t have Dawn, but I have something organic). Let soak 30 minutes, and scrub diapers made with PUL inside and out with a scrub brush. Then rinse; with more boiling water, wring out (or run the washer on spin mode) and dry in the dryer.

So here’s to a Sunday morning strip session, and hopefully a happier bum!!


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