Shots…and Spring Creek Gardens


This morning my cupkeiki had her well-baby check…and immunizations. She got 5 shots and of course screamed the heart wrenching scream that makes all mothers, I assume, want to start sobbing right there and then. At least I wanted to…and maybe punch someone; like say the nurse doing the jabbing. But not really because I felt sorry for her too. I sort of wanted the opportunity to bribe my cupkeiki, “if you do really good, I’ll take you for ice cream!!” but she’s one, so all I really have to work with is, “hey whether or not you do good, I’m going to try to nurse you because I know that is the only thing I can come up with to offer that I know you will want….” I held it together, and so did she. After a good 5 minute scream she passed out and slept for a long time. I found myself needing to be right beside her the whole time, to comfort her should any little whimper escape (boy do I know how to feel guilty about things). After she woke I decided it was time to get out of the house and do something fun. So we took a bike ride through campus and over to The Gardens on Spring Creek where, for an hour and a half, we terrorized the plants (not really) and the solar lights (oh yea that was us) and checked out the cool water features! We had fun and forgot about those stupid, but necessary, shots!


Catching the end of the blooms!


WOW!! She said!


A very cool, interactive water feature!


A beautiful statue, appropriately called, “Mother and Child”


There were tons of vegetables, all being donated to the Food Bank!




…Oh the beautiful sunflowers!


Playing with the water jugs!


Fill ’em up!!


I loved this one, and she couldn’t stop playing with them!


And this one, with the shadows!

We got home and decided it was time to take it easy…maybe attempt another nap, but that wasn’t what my cupkeiki was up for so I took another picture. Natural light, and a beautiful baby!


Now it’s time to tend to diapers, and food.

Here is a link to The Gardens on Spring Creek, go check them out before it gets too cold!


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