Project: Nursing Cover


I decided to take on the big ol’ task of making a nursing cover, not for myself (though I am a nursing mother) but rather for my step-sister who gave birth to twins a little over a month ago. This project has by far beat out my usual, “hey, let’s make another bag!” routine. Bags are easy. I decided not to go the route of square either, because that seems a bit unflattering. Instead, a very dear friend gave me a rounded apron when my cupkeiki was born, and I love it so much I wanted to duplicate it, and give it to my step-sister. So I took on the tasks of figuring out a color of fabric that I thought she would appreciate, use my cover as a template without ruining it while I cut around it, and then figuring out how to apply fabric binding without making the whole thing look like my little one did it (she did help quite a bit with the foot pedal!). 



It was simple really, but time consuming considering I have never made one. And looking at it; it isn’t perfect, but I had fun doing it, and I hope that my step-sister enjoy’s using, and finds convenience in, it. I’m looking forward to making another one and fine tuning the oddities of fabric binding on curved cuts. I’m also looking forward to implementing the pattern into a skirt maybe…could be fun!



Modeling, and feeling good about my finished product!

Next project: two tutu’s for my nieces! 


One thought on “Project: Nursing Cover

  1. Nice project… One of my consignors brought in hats and xmas stockings made out of old sweaters. They are so cool. I’ll have to send you a photo.

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