Sidewalk Painting!!

I’ve been dying to make this homemade recipe for sidewalk paint and give it a try with my lil miss. After three days of her not feeling well, today she seemed more than ready to get out and play


The recipe: 1/4C cornstarch, 1/4C water, and food coloring. Mix cornstarch and water until desired consistency (mine was pretty runny) pour into plastic containers (6 at least) and add food coloring to desired intensity.

Once it was mixed up we went crazy! At first she was a little hesitant…


But then she let her artistic side out and had a blast!!


I of course had to join in!


My cupkeiki loved the bright colors!! I loved the ease of making, playing and cleaning up (just hose it off, or wait for rain)


This one goes down in the books as a great activity that really lets you and your little one get creative and just giggle!!



2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Painting!!

  1. we tried this and the ‘pink’ took a bit of elbow grease to get off the driveway and the baby! but she sure did have fun with it 🙂

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