Getting Lost in Nederland, CO

Looking across Lost Lake

I spent three days in Nederland, CO last week with my keiki, and it was so much fun! Talk about a quiet, busy and oh so colorful, mountain town!

One of the first places we went to was The Carousel of Happiness (, where $1 gets you a ride filled with smiles and giggles! We took three spins and then this mama went from happy to queasy; but my lil one could have kept going!


Wanna ride?

After the carousel we went to the Nederland Park, where the fun continued!


Life is not good…it’s GREAT!!


Nothing but smiles!

We stopped by Blue Owl Books for a few tasty Chai’s and a look at books: It was a cozy cafe and everyone was raving about the pork sandwich, which happened to sell out by early afternoon!

Later in the afternoon, we hiked up to Lost Lake. It was a beautiful day and the hike was certainly filled with it’s own share of natural beauty.


My keiki and I, lakeside!


Reflections in the water


Beauty abounds!

Here is a link for directions and more information about Lost Lake:

We had such a great time, and Nederland was certainly a charming place to be!


Celebrating Life and Mamahood!


The birthday girl looking fabulous in some sweet shades!

Life has been crazy the last two weeks!!! From camping to more camping to a luau there’s been little time to stop and write, or reflect. I’ll admit I’ve been a little caught up in drama too, mostly my own, from dealing with a partner working triple overtime, to planning a luau for 60+ people, I’ve had my hands full and my patience level a little lower than usual. But…now that I can sit down and sort through pictures and process everything, I can smile and laugh about how great it’s all been. The luau was amazing. I wanted something fun and easy and that was exactly what I got. I of course am grateful for all the family and friends that helped make it all possible!

There of course was fire…


and cupcakes! Beach themed of course! We had bears hanging out in the water and on the beach!



even the dog dressed up!


Its been a great year being a mama to a fabulous little girl!

Sidewalk Painting!!

I’ve been dying to make this homemade recipe for sidewalk paint and give it a try with my lil miss. After three days of her not feeling well, today she seemed more than ready to get out and play


The recipe: 1/4C cornstarch, 1/4C water, and food coloring. Mix cornstarch and water until desired consistency (mine was pretty runny) pour into plastic containers (6 at least) and add food coloring to desired intensity.

Once it was mixed up we went crazy! At first she was a little hesitant…


But then she let her artistic side out and had a blast!!


I of course had to join in!


My cupkeiki loved the bright colors!! I loved the ease of making, playing and cleaning up (just hose it off, or wait for rain)


This one goes down in the books as a great activity that really lets you and your little one get creative and just giggle!!


A late night WONDER find!

I just stumbled upon this genius invention that I wish I would have known about sooner, but am really considering investing in! It’s called, “The Milk Saver” and it was developed by RN’s and is supported by lactation specialists nationally. 

Milk Saver Image

Basically it’s a milk collection bag that you use during nursing, on the breast obviously not being used by your infant. They can also be worn in between nursing’s if you leak heavily. It is environmentally friendly, and takes the hassle out of disposable or non-disposable nursing pads!

Check it out here: 

Also, an interesting find on their website, a link to “Human Milk Banking of North America”, just in case any of you lactating mama’s; or mama’s who are interested in getting human milk versus formula, want to donate to a worthy cause! Check out their website here: 

A Quiet Thursday

Today was one of those days where nothing really happens. My little one and I hung outside where it was mostly overcast and not as hot as it has been. We played with flowers and dandelions. Probably the biggest thing to occur today was our trip to the CSA pick up. Every Thursday, we head down toward Old Town and pick up the weeks share of veggies and fruit. It’s always fun to look at the app at the beginning of the week to see what the weeks pickings include. Then, Thursday’s we walk down and load up our veggies; which gives us the opportunity to also appreciate peoples flower gardens along the way, and it never fails that someone will stop and talk to my cupkeiki (she’s just too cute to ignore!). When we get home, we unload and start the process of imagining what to make. This weeks harvest included, zucchini, yellow squash, parsley, cilantro, beets, beans, green onions, kale or chard, butter lettuce, garlic scape, and peaches. It’s a really unique and fun way to get produce. A small share seems to work out well for five people and there is really no need to go buy other vegetables, well except for the staples potatoes and onions.

Our CSA is through, Grant Family Farms, check them out online at: They also sell produce at the farmers market on Saturdays I encourage anyone in the area to check them out, and support your local farmers!