Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to My CupKeiki! A blog about children, food, fun, adventures…all things family! My name is Dusty, and I am a happy, crafty, sometimes ditzy mama to my wonderful, soon-to-be 1 year old daughter. The idea for Cupkeiki comes from two things. First I spent 8 years living in Hawaii and had my daughter there; keiki is the Hawaiian word for “little one”. Second, while I was pregnant Callie quickly got the nickname Callie Cupcake.

I like to focus on being a hands on mama. I do cloth diapering, love crafts that involve making a mess, love to be outside taking pictures and watching my daughter explore this strange world we live in. Sometimes things get hectic, sometimes things go smoothly. It all depends on the day and what’s happening; or about to happen.

My goal here is to reflect on my day, or days depending on how often I actually get to sit down and write. I also want to make it a goal to inspire other mothers out there, or at least give them ideas/support about certain subjects that interest them and their keiki. I’ll post about all sorts of things, food, crafts, cloth diapers, photography, books, adventures and things to do…whatever motivates and inspires me for the day! I hope you will keep coming back and enjoy the content!



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