Moon Hanging

A Beautiful Mess came out with this beautiful diy wall hanging tutorial using yarn and embroidery hoops. The minute I saw it, I wanted my own. So I did my own, and I absolutely love it and want to make like a billion more…maybe. haha. 

It’s a very simple, slightly time consuming, incredibly therapeutic craft. Take three hoops that can fit within one another- lrg, med, sm. Cut the hoops in half, wrap each half in a color of yarn, leaving a long enough tail at each end to tie to a dowel, or stick, or branch or copper pipe (oh the possibilities) after your hoops are secured, add the frill by figuring out your desired length at each hoop-mine are long strands folded then looped through/around the hoop bottom, cut out lots of yarn and start tieing. You can make it as thick or thin as you like. 

I purchased my yarn and hoops from Who Gives A Scrap FoCo, because I do love to upcycle and reuse and they always have what I need-or don’t but get anyway-teehee.

 Full instructions for this project can be found at A Beautiful Mess blog:

Weighing Heavy

​Who I was to any one person, isn’t who I am now, isn’t who my daughter is meant to be and quite frankly isn’t relevant to who WE all are now and where WE are going. I’ve decided to look back humbly. To see beauty and kindness in everyone. To acknowledge that there were hard times, scary times, exciting times and happy times, and allow the good memories to triumph the bad. To love. To recognize all that I have learned and grown from. I will not be told my past is my daughters future, that happiness is going to be harder to achieve than living negatively and that we are going to struggle in our relationships and journeys because of who I was. Life is our adventure and each path is unique to each person. I see your path as yours and don’t wish to tread in your footsteps or tell you which direction to take. I might walk next to you, or follow behind after some time, but your trail is yours and mine is mine, and our children’s trails are their own. Help each other along the way, not remind one another of where we stumbled or struggled.

*to my keiki, it’s not easy being human but you are loved beyond words and the life I lived before your arrival is not the life you will live. The person I was, no matter how funny or angry or charming is not who you will be. You are beautifully you and I celebrate that everyday.

Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

It all started with the “ugly fruit” stand at the grocery store. Tomatillos, garlic, a lime and a tomato in one bag. Red peppers in another. All of them slightly blighted, softening and calling for a second chance. 
I love this section of the store some days. 

My cupkeiki has some sort of fascination with Tomatillos. I think it’s the leafy  cover over them and that might  just be it. Regadless, she always ask’s to get them, and when we saw them bagged up and discounted, she was excited. 

So I chopped half a red pepper, added all the tomatillos, 6 cloves of the garlic, added half of the limes juice, all of the tomato and pulsed for a few seconds leaving plenty of large pieces. Then I stirred in some chopped cilantro, salt and crushed red pepper. 

It was hard to resist just devouring the whole bowl there at the counter. A lack of chips for dipping stopped me, though the spatula was convincing me to just keep taste testing. I promised the mixture I’d return later with chips- and maybe some chili lime chicken, black beans, sweet potato and yogurt. 

I can’t wait for dinner.


          Today was a day of hearts for my                               kolohe cupkeiki! 

                Breakfast and dinner…

                      and even dessert

           What a hearty day its been. 


            Why not end the evening with

              Something hearty sounding…
                 ” I could live a million lives

             Experience a million adventures

              Meet and love a million people

      But none could ever win my heart

                A million times over like you”