“…But if you tame me, we’ll need each other. You’ll be the only boy in the world for me. I’ll be the only fox in the world for you…” The Little Prince, Antoine De Saint-Exupery 

5 years. Today you are 5 years old. Yesterday it was 5 seconds old, last night 5 minutes, this morning 5 days, and as I stand in the kitchen looking at yesterdays pictures it’s 5 months…

Hau’oli La Hanau my cupkeiki most adored. 

End of Times? 

Yesterday was another day of prophesied doomsday happenings. The poles were meant to flip, things were set to burn…babies crying, car horns in every direction as people fled the cities for safety, horses running through abandoned streets, kool aid being passed around in red solo cups-just trying to describe the perfect apocalypse movie set for you. 

I decided to join in the fun and create my own delicious and slightly unhealthy Doomsday Dinner. A bit risky when you only have a few hours to prepare. And it’s questionable if that is really where ones final hours should be spent-you know, in the kitchen…

Turns out, what I thought I was creatively concocting is a real dish called Poutine! Crispy baked french fries, with fixings on top. I went the nacho route and added shredded Mexican chicken, black beans and a homemade queso sauce. Oohhh, doomsday was set to be killer, hehehe. 

Alas, the end came and went, I slept soundly with a 4 year olds feet in my armpits and not so tiny snores from the said little person. Soundly. Like a baby. And this morning I woke up happy as a Lark, realized I had some extra working out to do from last night’s glutinous dinner, went to the farmers market and made breakfast. Whew. What a doomsday I had!! 

       Mmmm, homemade cheese sauce.

                               Hi, still here!
I think doomsday menus might just be a great idea. I wouldnt want that potential last dinner to be one of kale, brown rice, beets or the highest quality organic and free range meat. No, no, no. If you’re headed out, it should be with those foods you save for sad or angry days. Which actually for me means chocolate. I could make an entire meal of chocolate, the sun could come crashing to Earth and I’d never know, because chocolate was happening. Truth.