Lei for my Cupkeiki

This morning, super last minute, I decided to try my hand at making a fresh flora and fauna lei for my cupkeiki. Wiliwili style-which means wrapped. I’ve watched a particular YouTube video over and over for several weeks now hoping to get it right. Something I have never done, but since she is done with first grade this afternoon, congratulations were in order! Not having all the wonderful tropical flowers of Hawaii, I worked with what was available in my back yard. Fox tail grass and a pretty delicate white flower.

I ran out of time, but my cupkeiki still appreciated it. The manimal said it reminded him of something a Wiccan would make…he would say that though.

There is a phrase:

“pu’upu’u lei pali i ka ‘ai”

“An imperfect lei stands majestic like a cliff on the neck


Start of Summer

Peonies, Boba Tea, Early Morning Danishes, Evening music in the yard. Hello summer, you’ve been well missed.

Mother’s Day

Thank you, my kolohe girl for giving me the opportunity to love you, teach you, support and encourage you. To guide you, and motivate you.

Thank you for letting me pick you up when you fall down. Thank you for letting me say “be careful”. Thank you for listening when I say “go for it”. Thank you for questioning everything and arguing when you disagree.

Thank you for letting me give you my heart. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for showing me what I’m capable of. Thank you for pushing me to the limits of what I think I can handle and allowing me to see beyond what I already knew.

Our adventure together has only just begun, but if only you knew how long I waited to love and be loved by someone like you. To witness innocence, to partake in silliness, to overcome sadness and to become resilient. To open my heart to pain and happiness in new ways, to find a reason to fight for all the things I couldn’t fight for when I was young. To fight for you, and show you how beautiful the world can be when we work hard, help one another, love, and act humble.

Thank you my kolohe girl, for making me a mama. I love you beyond words.


So far, as far as we know, our house still stands. 31 homes have been destroyed, or reclaimed- depending on your view of the situation. Living in a Lava Zone One comes with the understanding that someday it could happen. The lava could return. And it has, for who knows how long.

It’s humbling, it’s incredible, it’s sad, it’s nature. It’s Pele doing work. It’s the earth doing it’s thing.

These videos are reposted from Hawaii News Now.

Take your daughter to Work Day

When I was a kid I always wanted to participate in the “Bring your daughter to work day”, day. I recall always hoping my dad would ask me to join him on his construction site. I never got to go….and look at me now, I can’t seem to get away from them. Who would have thought.

Was this a form of reverse psychology dad??

My cupkeiki gets lots of time on our jobsites. She’s a regular, she loves it (most of the time) we love it (most of the time) and it’s a great learning experience for a lot of life lessons, such as: avoid hitting body parts while swinging a hammer, ladders can cause pain, sometimes dirt gets in your eye, many liquid materials do not wash out or off, the bobcat provides ample opportunities to practice one’s fight or flight skills and construction trash is a great source of imaginative treasure…just to name a few.

Today my keiki woke up and said “I don’t think I should go to school today”. A slight fever, ear aches, tummy ache, runny nose and headache were listed. I agreed to keeping her out, and signed her up for my own “Bring your daughter to work day” experience. I brought her to our warm cozy office and after an hour and some Tylenol, she fell asleep under the desk. She’s lightly snoring, Dora the Explorer is playing in the background and my heart is content.

As maybe you’ve discovered lately, things are changing here at mycupkeiki. I don’t have tons of shared crafts to post, I don’t have a ton of mama posts about figuring things out. That’s because she’s different. She needs me in a whole new way, gone are the diapers, the nursing and her toddler ways. So the blog must change, and that’s awesome. Hopefully anyone reading and noticing the changes are enjoying them.