Top With Cinnamons Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

If the name, Izy Hossack or the recipe book, “Top With Cinnamon” doesn’t sound familiar, you are missing out!!

I discovered this recipe while looking for a homemade hot cocoa recipe for the house. Little did I know, just from not putting names together, that the recipe I was looking at was actually from a person I follow on Instagram and enjoy her recipes and photos!!

I’m going to add a link from Food 52’s website, but first let you know the modifications I’ve made!

First, I use about 3tbs grated chocolate, which I hand grate rather than add to the food processor due to the melt factor of the chocolate once even slightly warmed up at such a fine grate.

Second, I have yet to add dry milk/milk substitute. I warm up milk and add the mix to it.

Third, cinnamon is a must also a bit more sugar may be needed if you are like myself, my cupkeiki or my niece and enjoy sweet over slightly bitter.

Here’s the link to the recipe on Food52:

Here’s the recipe if you just want the quick version, with my modifications:

3Tbs grated semi to bittersweet chocolate
2/3C. Dutch process baking cocoa
2tsp. Corn starch
1tsp. Ground cinnamon
3/4C. Powdered sugar
2Tbs. Unrefined sugar
1/2tsp. Salt

Combine everything. Heat desired amount of milk over med-low heat and add 1-2Tbs cocoa powder to milk. Whisk and heat to desired temp. Serve with marshmallows or whipped cream if desired!

That’s it. Simple, comforting and so delicious!!








Dream a Little Dream

I’m in LOVE with this recent DIY canvas art! I’ve titled it, “Dream a Little Dream”.

I made this using black acrylic paint, mod podge and my Cricut Explore.

I found a free image of a ballerina, added it to my Cricut Design Space, and cut it out. I used a 6×6″ shimmer card stock. I also used glitter card stock for the circles. I created lots of different shaped circles and sent it to the design space for cutting too!

After painting my canvas completely black (and let it dry), I mod podged my card stock pieces where I wanted them, let that dry then coated the entire canvas in two coats of mod podge, to seal everything! That’s it, and so far people have been rather impressed with it!


laying out and chalking my ideas. Chalk is a great way to visualize your piece before committing to anything further!

Attaching the gold glitter circles, from top to bottom and in as much of an organic way as possible!

Ready for a few coats of sealant!

And the finished piece!
I had thought about adding more things, like words or more circles to the bottom, but thanks to my manimal I abstained from going overboard. He advised that there’s more to be said and felt with less on the canvas, and I agree!

This morning.

This morning, my cupkeiki looked over at me and said: “you’re the best crafter in the world!”

While I am far from the best crafter in the world, the sentiment surely made me smile…and decide to keep her for a bit longer ;)!

Fall Sparkle

As soon as my cupkeiki laid eyes on these red sparkle shoes from Target, she was in love. So in love she refused to leave the store without them. She loves shoes, and I have to say they are pretty darn cute and get lots of ohs and ahs from girls and women alike!