Folky photos?

I’m in love with the idea of “folkish” photos. The rustic nature of things always catches my eye. Actually accomplishing the task of getting a folkish shot is harder for me though. I’m picky about what constitutes “folk” or “rustic”. Today however, I felt I may have produced a few good “folkish” shots.


I’m going to through a bee shot in, just for good measure.


Tin Can Bunnies

err, well I obviously used PicLab for my text edit

Have a few tin cans laying around? Spray paint? Hot glue? Construction paper? Ribbon, poms, a sharpie and wiggly eyes??!! I bet if you’re a mama or dad or crafter in general you do. Now, if you have about 20 minutes to spare (and who honestly doesn’t?!) you could add a fun diy bunny to your Easter decor!

I simply spray painted my cans white, cut out the shapes (which I freehand drew on construction paper) and glued everything in place. I don’t know that much direction is needed here. Get creative and get adventurous, it’s only a bunny!

My cupkeiki helped with this project, up until she decided that the hot glue was actually too hot to deal with. She actually told me, “I’m freaking out mama, it’s too hot.” Right, about that whole business of two year olds mimicking everything they hear…haha.

Morning Tranquility

Morning light, morning breeze,
Listening to the world bustle with ease.
Cars driving by,
Reminding me of the oceans lullaby.
Birds singing in their morning glory,
Cupkeiki next to me soundly snoring.
Cold arms and warm feet
Soon this day I must get up and meet.


Understand that I truly despise you.
You, who makes two seconds of my time frightful.
Understand that that if I could,
I would cause you as much fear, in as much time, as you cause me.
Understand that I don’t just, shake it off, I carry it with me.
Up the hill, down the path, and back.
I remember your car, even if I can’t remember your faces.
Understand that, if I had a spare bottle I would probably chuck it at you without blinking.
You fuel my road rage, your humor makes me see red.
Understand that I truly despise you,
You boys who bark at me out your car window,
While I peddle up a hill with a bike trailer and child in tow.

Just Before


Just before you are surely asleep,
Before your voice makes it’s last peep,
That’s the moment I truly find,
Brings a certain peace of mind.
It’s that moment when I can lean over, kiss you on your forehead and whisper in your ear,
I love you, my darling my dear,
And just before you’re off to the land of nod,
You say it back, and in your silence I’m forever awed.

Poetry Month.

Yesterday a friend posted that it was National Poetry Month. I used to love to write poetry but have admittedly not done much writing since university. Well, here’s my chance to take advantage of that outlet, I suppose! 28 days of my own words, inspired by my muse, by the sun, by fear…by the moment. Bear with me I guess, because I’m a bit rusty.

Here’s my first: inspired by this mornings paint session with my cupkeiki.


I wish I could go with you,
Wherever you go when you turn the world off,
To experience what it is your imagination creates.
But I can’t, and maybe it’s better that way,
because I can slip into my own world,
And try to imagine what sort of world you are imagining, and we can be doing all this imagining together without interrupting each others process.